Native Oyster (Ostrea Edulis)


Kelly Galway Oysters, Wild native oyster (Ostrea edulis), Huítre Plate, Flat Oyster
Common Name: European Flat Oyster
Season: September - April

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The Native Oyster is the gourmet’s favourite, also known as the European Flat Oyster, this is the oyster which is Native to our Irish shores. Native Oysters are considered to be a great luxury due to their wonderful flavour and due to the fact that they are a relatively scarce species.

All Native Oysters provided by us are sourced from carefully managed wild oyster fisheries along the West Coast of Ireland. They are then relayed in the rich estuarine water of our own oyster beds where they fatten and develop their unique flavour.

What a flavour with the Atlantic flushing in twice daily mixing with the rich fresh waters from the Clarinbridge and Kilcolgan rivers giving just the right mix of water. Then the oysters themselves filtering up to 11 litres of this pristine water every hour. Multiply that by the four to five years it takes to grow to edible maturity, and you may indeed believe you hold in your mouth the very essence of the ocean.


The Oysters are hand packed with the deep shell down to retain their wonderful juice. The baskets of 50 pieces are ready for delivery direct to the restaurant.


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