Gigas Oyster(Crassostrea Gigas)


Common Name: Pacific Oyster
Season: Available all year round.
Scientific Name: Crassostrea gigas
Description: These are cultivated oysters grown with great care and attention to produce a well shaped plump oyster.

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Growing method:

Seed is sourced from hatcheries and is inspected and placed into specific, size related, growing bags on trestles and positioned such that the tide will rise and fall over them. This allows the oysters to obtain their required nutrients from the plankton in the sea. At appropriate times the oysters are transferred to larger bags and thinned out to prevent overcrowding. During their growth oyster bags are regularly turned and shacked in order to obtain a good shape. The oysters are harvested when the required quality characteristics have been obtained.

The growing process can take between 24 to 36 months dependent on both growing conditions and the initial size of the seed oysters.

Gigas grading:

  • No.0 Grade 150gm+
  • No.1 Grade 111gm – 149gm
  • No.2 Grade 86gm to 110gm
  • No.3 Grade 66gm -85gm
  • No.4 Grade 46gm – 65gm

Oyster culture is probably one of the most environmentally friendly types of farming as it doesn’t require any entrants to be added from the exterior (neither feed nor medication). It has also an extremely low and often negative carbon footprint. Oysters feed themselves on elements which are naturally found in the seas where they grow. Our task is to simply accompany the natural growth of oysters by managing stocking densities and thereby naturally influencing shell shape and growth rates. We concentrate our efforts on obtaining oysters of high quality by maintaining low stocking densities and choosing clean waters which are rich in phytoplankton resulting in harmonious oyster growth and good growth rates.


The Oysters are hand packed with the deep shell down to retain their wonderful juice. The baskets of 50 pieces are ready for delivery direct to the restaurant.


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